The Blocks sensory awareness

The Blocks is a temporary project experience, where guests are invited to select on the basis of their wine their senses: sight, touch, smell and taste. Trained ‘wine stewards’ guide visitors around each… Continue reading

iKettle message

The iKettle might have a terribly cliched name, but it makes up for that unoriginality with loads of novel functionality that might just be enough to justify its $160 price tag. Maybe. After… Continue reading

Sock for baby’s health

The Owlet is a wearable sock that delivers data to parents about their baby’s health. Designed to be worn around the foot of the child without restricting movement, the sock features sensors that… Continue reading

Roomservice includes groceries

For guests staying in rooms with a kitchen, Affinia Hotels is now enabling its New York customers to order fresh groceries directly to their room. One of the biggest expenses for consumers travelling… Continue reading

Pink highway – Pink Ribbon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which brings together people from different backgrounds to combat a disease that affects everyone, both men and women. In celebration of Cancer Awareness Month in Iceland, creative… Continue reading

Edible Textiles Fashion Fabric

Experimenting with everyday ingredients around the kitchen, Scandinavian artist Camilla Wordie created a collection of edible textiles. Her project “Edible Textiles” takes inspiration from her fascination with the culinary arts, as well as the… Continue reading

3D-Printed Web of Plastic Caps

This 3D-Printed Web of Plastic Caps Turns Water Bottles Into a Vase. If your recycling bin overfloweth with empty plastic water bottles and you’re just too lazy to take them to the curb, why… Continue reading

Giant ear sculpture listens

In a true democracy every citizen has a voice, but it can be the case that many don’t feel like politicians actually listen to it. In order to promote itself as open to… Continue reading

Talc (Visual Stimulus) magazine

In keeping with the burgeoning trend for ‘New Porn’, editors are continuing to seek fresh angles from which to present modern-day erotica, with the latest offering from founder and creative director Edward Vince:… Continue reading

Shoeby’s physical webshop

In August Shoeby, opened in Eindhoven with retail office Kega, a physical shop under the name Shoeby Smart Store. The unmanned and onbevoorrade shop is located on the Emmasingel in Eindhoven. The window… Continue reading